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What we do

Brights offers services to solve each major area of your skills gap. Solve your urgent needs by giving your people completely new skills or new roles in 15 weeks or less. Prevent future skills gaps by monitoring, planning, and delivering regular training sessions. And turn learning into a competitive advantage (or even a source of revenue!) together with our learning experts.

Our services

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Tailored intensive training

New, high-quality skills in 15 weeks or less.

Whether you need your employees to shift into a completely new role, or consultants to serve entirely new client needs, Brights' intensive training is the answer. Together with you, we design a focused, hands-on training experience that gives people from almost any background new, valuable skills, and gets them back to work quickly. You might be surprised how much someone can learn in such a short time!
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Continuous employee learning

To stay competitive, always be learning.

Companies often focus on what is needed today, not tomorrow. Over time, that is how skills gaps happen. To solve that, Brights gives you a whole toolbox of techniques including skills mapping, regular assessments, short training designed for your people, and a whole team of experts focused on delivering what you will need tomorrow.
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Learning culture & organization

Make learning a competitive advantage, or even a source of revenue!

The most talented people expect to develop skills and work with new challenges over time. Top learning organizations build learning into their culture and become innovative leaders. Brights learning consultants not only plan and execute a long-term learning strategy and guide your organization, some of our clients trust Brights to train their customers or develop training services of their own!
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